Strategy Group Ltd was established in 2012. It is a multidisciplinary consulting company with highly-qualified personnel, each of whom has more than 15 years of professional experience in industrial fields and economic sector.

Our experts have relevant experience and knowledge in the sphere of technical standards and requirements as well as local and international standards

The company staff numbers 22 employees. There are highly respected economists of the Republic, doctors and candidates of Economics, Engineering and Physical and Mathematical sciences in the expert membership of our company.

Our experts are active developers of many programs of the Ministries of Industry and New Technologies, Economic Development and Trade, development institutions and number of other organizations.

Currently our experts study independently various problematic issues: processes of industrial and innovative development, small and medium enterprises, development of single-industry towns and agglomerations, trade policy of the country, competitiveness of the domestic economy under conditions of the Customs Union, Common Free Market Zone and WTO.

At the moment the company:

  • implemented over 20 projects in the sphere of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and measures for its activation; in the field of regional markets of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to create innovation clusters; development and improvement of local suppliers;
  • trained over 150 companies in the sphere of industrial and electric safety, transportation of dangerous goods, production waste disposal in oil and gas producing industry, safety measures in industrial welding, development of organizational skills and leadership, strategic marketing;
  • certified three companies under ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering);
  • certified two companies under API (American Petroleum Institute);
  • certified over 30 companies in the field of non-destructive testing;
  • certified 2 companies according to ISO21500: 2012.
The company in figures:
  • +15 years of professional experience of experts
  • +6 years of experience of the company
  • +20 highly-qualified experts
  • +20 implemented
  • +40 trained
  • 1 ASME certified company
    • Strong-knit united team of qualified experts with extensive experience
    • Focus
      on interests
      of Clients
    • Transparent
      fixed pricing
    • Wide partnership
      relationships with leading international certification and accreditation companies