• Business Consulting:

    Business consulting is services for issues of operational and financial, economic and investment activities, strategic planning, optimization of the general operation of the company and separate business processes:

    • Elaboration of short-, middle- and long-term plans for social and economic development;
    • Scientific basis for strategic directions for developing of the economy of enterprises;  
    • Evaluation and expertise of investment projects;
  • Marketing analysis:

    Marketing analysis is determination of potential capacities of the market and study of its characteristics, analysis of production distribution problems and tendencies of business activities, study of competitors’ products, research of market responses to new product, study of the pricing policy, determination of proportion and territory of production distribution, forecasting of market development parameters:

    • Conducting marketing researches and exploring new opportunities for development of the national economy;
    • Analysis of priority sectors within the framework of the Forced Industrial and Innovative Development and industrial and innovative development of the country;
  • Technical analysis:

    Technical analysis is the complex of services aimed at designing of technologies for implementation of business processes. Yet the main purpose is taking of decisions which can help to optimize activities of the organization to maximal efficiency:

    • Analysis of technical capacities and potential of regional enterprises, analysis and evaluation of production efficiency, operational risks and qualification of personnel, and further development of proposals on solving of economic and industrial issues;
  • Training and certification:
    • Provision of training courses on marketing management, skills of personal efficiency, strategic management, HR records keeping, skills for problem-solving and decision-making, etc.;
    • Provision of professional and technical trainings: Electric safety, Methods of treatment of sewage water and atmospheric emissions, Gas hazardous works, Equipment safety for operation in explosive environment, Operator of cable-operated cranes, Premedical first aid for injured persons in the workplace, Safety at the work section, etc.;
    • Training and certification according to the method of NDT (non-destructive testing);
    • Training and implementation of international technical standards (ASME, API, IMC, etc.).
  • Environmental Consulting and Environmental Audit

    Environmental consulting is a set of activities related to the environmental support of organizations and enterprises of all sectors of activity, consisting mainly of resource saving projects, as well as projects to reduce the degree of environmental pollution by enterprises.


    Environmental audit - an independent assessment of compliance by a business entity and other activities with regulatory requirements in the field of environmental protection and preparation of recommendations in the field of environmental activities.